Headquartered in Jupiter, FL, our firm provides businesses with expertise, experience and a proven track record in the realm of portfolio investments and strategic financing. We provide clients with capital markets introduction, commercial loans, capital advisory, corporate finance, and corporate restructuring. We strive to assist your company's needs, as a business partner.



With management carrying over twenty years of industry experience, we have seen the dynamic progression of the financial markets, from both a wall street perspective, and as an investor.  PJP differentiates itself by taking a multi-disciplinary approach when evaluating present options. We are not restricted to the traditional binary methods, and because we are truly independent, we can align ourselves with each company's internal objective and corporate culture

Strategy & Review

Upon meeting with new clientele, our initial assessment will consist of an encompassing, qualitative and quantitative diligence review. In turn, we give ourselves the ability to adequately understand the complete financial picture, and identify all present alternatives that may be collaboratively pursued. Funding needs assessment, organizational structure, industry focus, outstanding legalities or other exogenous events, are all facets that will be explored.


At PJP Capital, we look to leverage our extensive capital advisory and investment experience to realize our structural and operational objectives. We are disciplined as investors, comprehensive and diligent as advisors and partners. Our ultimate goal of creating value, is the driving force in the overall transactional structure that will take shape.

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